Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Favorite Movies

DIRTY DANCING 2 Shy, intelligent, eighteen-year-old Katey Miller (Romola Garai) moves from United States to Havana, Cuba with her parents in November 1958, just before the Cuban revolution leaves Cuba. She doesn't feel like she fits in anywhere, but one day seeing real Cuban dancing, she is intrigued both by the style and the dancer, Javier (Diego Luna). Her parents used to be professional ballroom dancers, but Katey can't wrap her head around this new style. Trying to fit in with the other rich adolescents at the country club, she goes to a party with James, her dad's boss's son. When he tries to make a move, she runs to Javier for help. Javier walks her home, and is later fired for associating with the hotel guests. Katey feels terrible, and suggests to Javier that they enter a dance competition together, combining her ballroom style with his Cuban rhythm, to help make money. At the competition, Katey and James's families watch as she and Javier engage in some steamy dancing. Katey and her parents fight, though Katey's mother later admits that she danced wonderfully. During finals, a disruption from the Cuban revolution occurs, and the competition is interrupted. Batista has fled the country, and Cuba celebrates. Javier says he'd rather spend his time with Katey, and they sleep together. On their last night in Havana together, Katey and Javier share a night full of dancing before they say goodbye and they are queen and king of La Rosa Negra! But Katey also narrates that she and Javier know that it will not be their last night dancing together.

This movie has made me fall in love with romantic movies again.Yess,"Romantic movie".After watching this movie i told my friend that "today i saw this movie called "Pearl Harbor".And i found it damn romantic.But then she said "No,thats not a romantic movie.It is based on patriotism."I just smiled and thought may be she was right.All of us have a different way to look at the things and this is what truly determines our self.